JPS Australia

Communications & Video

Keeping in touch with your crew and keeping a record of the show is easy with our wide range of communications and video equipment.


  • Clearcom CellCom/FreeSpeak Digital Wireless Intercom Systems
  • Clearcom 2ch/4ch Hardwire Intercom Systems
  • Clearcom VHF Radio Comm System
  • Motorola GP-300 UHF 2way Radios
  • Motorola UHF Base Stations
  • Telex BTR 500 UHF Radio Comm System
  • Beyer DT108-109 Headsets


  • Colour CCTV Cameras
  • B&W CCTV Cameras
  • Infra Red Cameras
  • CCTV Video Monitors
  • Video Distribution Amplifiers

Please note

Only some items listed on our equipment pages are available for individual hire.