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The Bee Gees Tour 1972

“For the second time within a year the Bee Gees played to capacity houses throughout their Australian tour. Originally only one concert in Melbourne and Brisbane was planned but because both were sold out on the first day of bookings, promoter Paul Dainty decided to include extra concerts in both cities. An amazing effort when you consider that the Bee Gees first tour was only a few months earlier in July 1971” (Source Go-Set Magazine 5 February 1972)

Sound System

2 x RCA W Bin c/w 2 x JBL K140
2 x JBL 4550 c/w 2 x JBL 2220
4 x JBL 4530 c/w 2 x JBL 2220
2 x JBL 2350 Horns with 2480 drivers
2 x JBL 2355 Horns with 2440 drivers
8 x JBL 075
16 Channel Jands Mixing Console
10 x Jands 150w Power Amplifiers

System Crew

Howard Page
Philip Story


Ron Blackmore, Paul Dainty & David Trew

Tour Dates

29 January – Melbourne, Kooyong Tennis Centre
30 January – Sydney, RAS Showground
1 February – Brisbane, Festival Hall
3 February – Adelaide, Memorial Park
4 February – Perth, Subiaco Oval

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2 responses to “The Bee Gees Tour 1972”

  1. Alan says:

    I went to the concert at the Sydney Show Grounds along with a few friends. The Bee Gees had come back into some great form with songs like “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” and “My World” and a few others. With an orchestra backing them they sounded great. Many people didn’t realise what a great live band they were. Along with all their early 60’s hits and their lastest songs, I’d have to say it was one of the best concerts I’d been to that year even though I was more of a rock fan. I remember Barry was obviously very concerned to give their best, Maurice was a lot of fun and Robin’s voice was just amazing.

  2. Nilton Bartalini says:

    The concerts of the Bee Gees in addition of JBL sound equipment quality, always accompanied by an orchestra, led by maestro Bill Shepherd (died in 1988). This conductor was responsible for the quality of the arrangements of the songs of the Bee Gees in 1967 until 1972.

    He appears in some of these photos.

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