JPS Australia


Elton John Tour 1971

This was Elton John’s first tour of Australia and New Zealand. He played outdoors and Jands provided what was then the largest sound system every assembled in Australia. Elton’s personal monitoring system consisted of JBL studio monitors supplied by Clair Brothers. Sound System 2 x RCA W Bin with 2 x 15″ JBL K140 4 […]

Daddy Cool, Country Radio, La De Das, Chain, Taman Shud

In May 1971 Daddy Cool released their debut single ‘Eagle Rock’ and it stayed at number 1 on the Australian singles chart for ten weeks. On Sunday September 19, 1971 Ross Wilson and the band headlined a show at the Sydney show ground which also featured Chain, the La De Das, Taman Shud and Greg […]

Heddon Greta Speedway Concert Newcastle

One of the first outdoor shows Jands provided audio for was a concert was held at the Heddon Greta Speedway near Newcastle. The PA system included two Jands 4 x 12″ speaker columns shown on the left side of the photo. Microphones were AKG D190s. The mixer was designed and largely built by Philip Storey […]

The Fairlight Festival 1971

Photo courtesy of ©1971 Greg Dickins In January 1971 Jands provided stage and effects lighting for the first Fairlight Festival. The equipment consisted of Strand Patt 223 & 123 fresnels, Patt 23 & 23N profile spots and Patt 63 multi-cell ground rows. Kodak Carousel projectors loaded with hand painted sides and 3M overhead projectors with […]